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So, I worked late last Friday. By late I mean I didn’t get home until after 2am. I left work, picked up my man and we proceeded to the house. Now, let me just say that my neighborhood is small, maybe 30 houses, and really quiet.

We got to the house and I just wanted to do one thing and that was chill out for a little bit before retiring for the morning. When I walked in the house and had let my girls out (shepherd and dobie) I went into the living room. I didn’t really notice anything, other than there were some random dvds scattered across the living room couch. Now, these were titles that I had not looked at in a while. So, not thinking anything of it, I stacked them up and put them away. The next strangeness was in the bedroom. Something was missing, and I wasn’t sure what had happened. I went to bed feeling very strange and not sure what was happening. The next morning I got up and started looking around. I found a stack of papers in my kitchen and I started going through them. They were Christmas cards and some other items that had been in a table drawer in my foyer. For some reason I didn’t really find it to be strange. But the more I thought about it, the stranger it was. I decided to check my table again, as my digital camera had been living on the table for the past few months. Guess what was missing. Yep. Gone. At this point I called my mother since she had been at the house the night before to take care of the girls while I was at work. I told her that things seemed to be amiss, and I wanted to know if things had been strange the night before. She told me that she had found the stack of papers under the table in the living room. I would never leave a stack of papers sitting on the floor. It seems that the drawer had been rifled through and this was the result. They didn’t hit the other drawer, as there was another digital camera and a 1gb memory card in there. Go figure. On further inspection, I discovered that 2 seasons of Angel were missing and all my Lord of the Rings Trilogy was gone. Arghhh….robbed by a fanperson. The cops have no hope of finding who violated my sanctum. I am going to reactivate my security alarm… much for having 2 big dogs.



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