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Big Daddy

So, because probably none of you know, I work as an IT Analyst with a large corporation. Part of my job is to call the major computer suppliers that we use (Dell and HP/Compaq) and order new parts when something is defective. This week I had to make one such call for a new hard drive.
When we call these companies for support, we have to go through a VRU and rather than pushing a number on the phone that syncs up with the department that you want to talk to, they have started using a voice activates system, so if you want Tech Support, you say 3, or something close. Well, in this big corporation that I work, I share an office with another technician. When we call in a warranty request to Dell or HP or whoever we can of course hear one another on the phone, stating very loudly “Yes” or “No” or whatever we need to respond.

Remember that commercial where the guy is calling into his bank and he has to respond to all these questions and he is on the train and stating “Big Daddy”? That is what my office mate says while I am on the phone calling in a part trying to get a real person and vice versa. The other day I had to call and the system was not taking my responses. It was the last response needed before redirection to a real person. Since it was having problems with my input I decided that it was time to give it the old “Big Daddy” and it worked! So much for technology….