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A Tale of 2 Cars

My car was totalled in May. May 17 to be exact. Rear ended by a UHaul. Not just any UHaul mind you, but a UHaul driven by a UHaul employee. Not a rental truck, a company truck. The kind that would go out and retrieve broken down rental trucks. The kind with a rack on top that could support another car. The kind with winches and steel bars on the front. The kind that will cream your car if you are stationary and the UHaul is going 25 miles per hour. GROSS!!! Even worse, I saw it coming. I looked up and saw it heading our way. I had my 12 year old son in the car with me. I absolutely freaked out once I came too (I think I was knocked out for a millisecond or two). I pulled off the road and had to tell the guy who hit me to stop asking me if I was okay. Did I look okay? NO, I looked like a madwoman, tears streaming along with whatever eye makeup I had applied. Did I tell you it happened at 7am? Right at the beginning of rush hour, about 2 miles from our house.

So now my beautiful car is gone. Totalled. Now I have a Volvo…but that is another posting for another time. My summer was absolutely awful and it all started with this. Surely the winter will be better…