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Dr. says OK

My mom had her first visit at the cardiologist since her discharge from the hospital. Pretty good info. Minimal damage to her heart. There is some blockage in another artery, but it is minimal and treated with meds. Overall, good news. No more hovering….much.


Heart Attack!

So one of my greatest fears came to pass October 15th, just after midnight, so I guess it was really the 16th. I was asleep, or had been for a couple of hours when the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was my dad’s cell. I knew it couldn’t be good and it wasn’t. My parents were at the hospital, the ER to be exact because my mother wasn’t feeling well. Before I could get any more information from him, his cell died. OMG! I was freaking out. Long story short, she had or was having a heart attack and when he called me, he was waiting for her to come out of the cath lab, where they were looking at her heart.

I threw on clothes and left my child sleeping in the care of our our shepherd and doberman. I figured that they could take care of him, protect him if need be. My child is almost 13, so leaving him alone is not a big deal. Not like he is a toddler. Anyway, I jumped in the car and raced to the hospital to be with my dad. Pretty much after telling me about what had happened all he said was “Come now”. They put a stent in her heart. She had a 100% blockage of the right coronary artery. She was in the hospital for all of 3 days. She is home now and looks fabulous. Feels a little better everyday. She goes to see the cardiologist this afternoon. I am not sure if they will be able to tell her how her heart fared in terms of damage. I hope it did not take a terrible amount.

I love both my parents and will be totally devastated when it is their time to leave this earth. I just hope it is not any time soon.

Take care of yourselves. Watch your diet. This has really opened my eyes to my own health. I am only 43, but need to drop a significant amount of weight. I have a genetic predisposition to heart attacks. Both my maternal grandparents died from heart attacks. Now my mother has had one. My father has had one in the past. So, be aware peoples! Live healthy, live longer (hopefully).

Have a heart healthy day.