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I am a Christmas Whore

So, last year I put up my outside lights late in the season. I never took them down. They have been in my shrubs all year.

Now, my neighbors decorate like nobody’s business. They have lights everywhere all over their yard and house. Really pretty, looks great. I was talking to them about my lights and how I never took them down. We had a good laugh about how they weren’t going to work this year, or I was going to cause a fire when I turned them on, etc.

So, last Friday I got home and my neighbor’s house was all ablaze with their beautiful lights. I decided to try mine. I turned them on and Voila! they all (almost) worked. One little patch was out. I decided I would deal with it later. I called my neighbor and told her to look out her window. Again, we had a good laugh about the lights. When her husband got home she told him to look at my house.

Apparently I am a whore.


Happy Merry Holidays

Evil Snowbot says Bah Humbug! Your presents will be mine!!!!