Mystery Topic 5 – What are your favorite holiday traditions and why?

Trying to think about my favorite holiday tradition, I realized that my family doesn’t have any real holiday traditions.

When I was a child, I remember late Christmas eves driving back from my grandparents house. I remember talk of Santa and his sleigh in the sky that dark Christmas eve.

If I were to decide on something that I consider a tradition, it would have to be late night gift wrapping on Christmas eve with my sister. I am the youngest of 4 and my oldest sister is 10 years my senior. What started many years ago was sitting in the bonus room of my parent’s house late into the night wrapping up all the gifts that we had selected to give our family members. It was always a special time to spend with her. Now, she lives many miles away and no one has the monies to send an airline ticket. I know that she is here with me and the family in spirit and there will be other Christmases to stay up late and wrap and spend time being sisters.

Happy holidays everyone.



  1. Jayne d'Arcy Said:

    That is fun. We didn’t do the wrapping together but made a game of hiding behind our bedroom doors as we wrapped presents. It was terribly noisy as we had to come out and borrow things like tape, scissors and paper.

  2. Shannon Said:

    Nice post, it’s a good tradition too.

  3. Geekgrl64 Said:

    It was hard to think of something to write about! Thanks!

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