I am tired. I am tired of other people’s drama. Why do people thrive on having chaos in their lives? I like my quiet, regular drama. Drama that I know I have. But I am sick of other people’s drama and listening to all of their bullshit. The only person that I vent to anymore is my poor mother. None of the people that I associate with seem to want to know how I am. If and when they call it is always about all the shit that they are going through.

My newest drama is my teenager. He is a new adolescent, but has been headed there long before his time. Attitude, school work, etc. Today I got a call at work from him. His math teacher wanted to know if I had seen his grade. I guess I was supposed to have signed something that never made it to my hands. I asked him what the grade was, knowing that it wasn’t going to be good. All I got was “It’s the same as last time”, which translates into “I am still failing”.

Just for a little background on this child o’ mine, he is brilliant. The smartest person I know. I was never that smart at 13, or now for that matter. He is in a Magnet program – science and technology is the focus. It is to prepare him for the IB program at the high school he should eventually attend. So, hence my frustration with the failing math grade. He is barely passing his other classes, except for band. He has an A in band – go figure, right?

I am honestly at my frustration level with this situation. So, I wrote him a letter. He will receive it tonight when I pick him up. It includes the restrictions that are heading his way, effective tonight. He will hate it. Especially coming into the Christmas break when he will have all that time alone to do a big bunch of nothing, now that I am taking it all away. I hate it. He could so easily be on the honor roll with very little effort.



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