Whirlwind Weekend

OMG! This past weekend was so very busy! The son had a party to attend Friday night, until 11. I thought this was a little late for 13 year olds to be terrorizing the suburbs, but apparently I was wrong. I picked him up at 10 and he willingly left, but there were still ALOT of kids there.

Saturday dawned and I couldn’t get out of the bed. There was so much to do, but I had so little energy I didn’t want to think about it. I didn’t get out of bed until 11. Then I cooked a big brunch for the son and I. The canine children would have loved it, but they get no people food. Anyway, the rain hit hard here in Georgia on Saturday. Yay, we need it desperately, but it was very cold and wet. I had to go to the store, so I threw on a baseball cap and braved the inclement weather. I had to bake cookies and I had all the ingredients except for one. Arghhh! 70 dollars at the store later, I returned home. I mixed all the dry ingredients for my cookies, and then decided to go ahead and start the baking process. I did need at least 4 dozen for the cookie swap I was attending the next day. I chose a recipe for molasses cookies, which I got from this site. She has great recipes and I just want to say the cookies were a hit.

So after backing 53 cookies (I counted them), I had a party to get ready for at my neighbor’s house. I made homemade pita chips and artichoke dip, both of which were ready by the time I was ready to go across the street. I had a great time, and met some new people, which is always good. There were jello shooters to be had at the party in a variety of colors. I did 4 through the course of the night and I was more intoxicated once I got home than I was when I left their house!

Sunday arrived far too early. I was in some pain, but I managed to make it out of bed at 1pm. An hour before the cookie swap was supposed to start. I almost bailed, but I had all those cookies to get rid of! I also had a 12 pack of beer to swap. You see, I live in the burbs. There is no denying that. My son goes to school with a great group of kids and their parents are all buddies and do fun things together. The cookie swap is one of those things. Beer, wine, heavy h’ors douevres, cookies. What more could you ask for? Well last year apparently the men decided that since the ladies were swapping cookies, why couldn’t they swap beer? Makes total sense. Well, I think that I am the only single parent in this group of people. So, since the majority of cookie swap attendees are paired and would likely be going home with cookies AND beer, I decided that it only fair that I go home with cookies and beer too. So, I did. The men were glad to have me participate. I drink good beer. I don’t drink any of that Miller Lite crap or Budweiser. I am a Newcastle gal. Guinness is always a treat. So, after the cookies were swapped and before the beer was swapped, I gathered my empty beer box and got in the line for the swap. There was a man standing in front of me who informed me that this portion of the event was for the men. I told him that I was participating and he arrogantly asked me if I brought beer. I hit him with the empty beer box.

No, really, I held up the box and showed it to him. I am sure that he brought the Michelob. Or that gross Chillada beer. I brought Sweetwater 420. Yummy yummy.

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!


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