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Weight Watching Weigh In

Okay, so weigh in day is Saturday morning. I was a little late posting the first week’s results. I weighed in this morning and lost another pound. Yay me. I really thought I had gained, as I indulged in several beers last weekend. 🙂 So, I thought I should post a Month One picture of myself. Here I am:

That was taken last year, but I was the same size then as I am now. My goal is to lose at least 70 pounds by January ’09. I will try to get an updated shot up this weekend, but the only difference is my hair!

I haven’t introduced any exercise yet, but soon.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. It is gray and cool here. Time to go clean!


Weight Watching Week One

I weighed in on the 19th, and I lost a pound. Not a great start, but at least I lost. This week, however, I am not confident that I lost anything! I guess we will see on Saturday morning. I think I will get up really early and go to the meeting before 8. Anyway, that is my progress from week one and I am not so confident for week two. I am not going to fret it, I am tired of being a cow, so I really feel committed to losing. Although I do like stuffing my face!

Mystery Topic Challenge 6 – Old Bernard

The BlogNinjas are back for 2008. After pigging out on turkey we had to hit the dojo for some serious training but now we’re ready to carry on kicking ass like only we can. If you’re not a Blog Ninja yet why not make it your New Year’s resolution? Sign up here for your complimentary shuriken. Uniform not provided.


So, the Mystery Topic for this go round is what song transports you to a time in your life every time that you hear it? When I first read the topic I knew immediately what song transports me back. It was New Years Eve in the 80s. I am sorry I can’t remember the exact year, but I do know that it was the 80s. I lived in Columbus, GA at the time and went to Columbus College as a theatre major. I lived in the suburbs with my best friend and her daughter. It was a small house that her parents owned, that we lived in. So were having a New Year’s Eve party and we were all ready for the guests to arrive. Food was out, drinks ready, the whole spread. All we needed to pick was the music. We decided to play our cassette of the soundtrack from Heavy Metal. I guess my friend’s daughter was about 4 or 5 at the time. She came running into the room saying “I wanna hear Old Bernard”. We didn’t know what song she was talking about at all. So we asked her again, what song did she want to hear? Again, “I wanna hear Old Bernard”. We still could not figure out what song it was that she wanted to hear, so we asked her to sing it for us. That sweet little girl stood there and belted out “So, here I am with old Bernard. Hoping you’ll see, what your love means to me, Old Bernard”. At that point, the bells went off and one of us figured out what she wanted to hear. On the soundtrack to Heavy Metal, there is a Journey selection some of you may know. Here, let me sing a little of it for you: “So here I am, with open arms, hoping you’ll see, what your love means to me, open arms”. We had a good laugh and everytime I hear Open Arms, I think of that New Year’s Eve and that little girl singing about Old Bernard.

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Well, it happened. Just like the weather people said it would. Then, it started to stick! OMG! Sticking snow. Freezing temps tonight. Ice in the morning. Yuk. I am supposed to be downtown at 8am. My 13 year old is praying that school closes. So far his wish has not been granted. Should prove to be an interesting morning!

Weight Watching

So I rejoined Weight Watchers. I decided that once a week I will post after my weigh in, so I can keep track of what how I am doing. My goal is to lose at least 70lbs. by next January. Currently I weigh in at 251.8. I am 5’9″. I will post a picture later today that is a current of my largesse. 🙂 I joined Weight Watchers last Spring. I actually found my little weight tracker book. The last time I went to a meeting/weigh in was in August 2007. Since that time I have only gained 2 lbs. Not terrible, would have been better to have lost, but I knew that I had gained. I feel heavier than I have ever felt. But today, some pants I wore last week don’t seem to be as tight as they were. I don’t know what to contribute that to. Oh well, I’ll take it.

I stocked up on frozen meals for lunch (Smart Ones) and have already consumed the beginning of the water needed for the day. Oh joy! I didn’t eat so great over the weekend, but I can amend that with no problems during the week. So, onward with the weight loss! I am stoked!

Sweeney Todd

Saw it Saturday and it was great! I had no problems with Johnny Depp’s or Helena Bonham Carter’s singing (I had heard in other reviews that they were not so great). And when they say it is a bloody movie, believe me, it is bloody. I was okay with the blood. I wasn’t okay when the bodies would drop through the trap door and land head first. The sound they made was very bad. 😦

Overall, I give a must see rating. Loved it, but then I was a theatre major in another life, and Sweeney is one of my favorite shows.

Happy New Year

Happy 2008! I hope that everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s eve. I had a party, where I believe everyone had a good time. Definitely interesting if nothing else. I drank alot, but that is why I have the party, so I don’t have to hit the road on amateur night.

I did something really stupid. I called a man that I shouldn’t be calling. I called him again and again starting at about 3:00am. I don’t know why I called, but I did. I left a message for him wishing him a Happy New Year. Stupid. Then I called him again and left a somewhat rambling message, I honestly don’t remember what I said. This morning when I woke up I left him another message to tell him to disregard the other messages and to please not call, I didn’t need to talk to him. He called tonight and I answered the call. He was very distant and somewhat cold. I guess he needs to be that way. I wasn’t any warmer. He said it sounded like I needed to talk, so that is why he called. I told him no, I was drunk when I called – that I didn’t need to speak with him. I told him that I thought we would talk again, later in the year. He immediately told me no, he thought that us not talking was the best thing right now. He is right and I told him whatever and hung up. I don’t know what I was expecting. I am the one that stopped all communication. We are not good for one another, and I understand that.

But damnit, I don’t want to date. I want to meet Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now and that is who seems to be out on the dating sites. All they want is a piece of ass. This year is going to be a great year. I am going to make it so. I still miss him and that makes me crazy.