Plague on my House

There is a plague on my house. I am laying in bed right now as I type this. My son is laying on the couch in the den all covered up. He came home Sunday from his dad’s feeling bad. Sore throat, snotty head, etc. He even went to bed at 8:30 that night, a full hour before his normal bed time. I also started feeling sick Sunday night. Scratchy throat, very lethargic. So, yesterday I left work to take my boy to the doctor to be told that he has the flu and that there is nothing but rest and fluids and his body will fight it off. Back to school Wednesday or Thursday.

Me, I don’t think I have the flu, I think I have bronchitis. Feels like it anyway. I couldn’t get in to see the doctor until tomorrow. This is new insurance for us. I changed this year because my company changed the benefits. My old insurance became not so beneficial to my wallet.

Have a great day everyone! Stay healthy!

I gained 4 pounds 😦


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