Back from the Brink

Wow, that flu knocked me on my ass! I was in the bed from last Monday afternoon until Friday morning when I foolishly decided that I was well enough to return to work. Wrong. I stayed until after 2p, but it hurt. Alot. So, after leaving work early I went home and collapsed in the bed. I only got up to make sure that the adolescent ate something. Really stupid, he wouldn’t go without food. My mom sent over a big casserole of homemade mac and cheese, since I just didn’t have the energy to cook anything or be upright for any extended period of time. The son totally forgot about the yummy homemade mac and cheese and ate a bowl of soup instead.

Saturday dawned and I stayed in bed until I absolutely couldn’t stay any longer. I needed to go weigh in at WW. I figured I had lost a few pounds, but wasn’t sure how much. OMG, I lost 7 lbs.! Since being sick, I just haven’t felt like eating, although I have been making myself eat at least once a day. My hunger is coming back, but I still am not taking in as much food. I think I can eat more and put it on my plate, but then once I take a few bites I am full. Really full and I have to stop eating. Anyway, I lost 7 lbs! Yay!

So, here we are at the beginning of the week. Monday. Slow, slow Monday. Hope everyone’s week is marvelous!


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