Nothing much to report. Totally uneventful weekend. I didn’t weigh in on Saturday because, well, I knew that I had gained a little and other extenuating circumstances.

I did, however, manage to get out to the big electronics retailer and look for a potential new TV. Flat panel if you please, HD, LCD. The boy was so very bored while there so I sent him to go look at games. Just what a 13 year old likes to do. They didn’t have what he wanted. I ended up buying my shiny new TV online. I got it for less than if I had just bought it here in town and carried it home in my car. This way, I pay to have them deliver it to my home, unpack it and set it up. All for less than I could get it locally. Go figure.

Sunday I had a DragonCon staff meeting (yes, I am a huge geek.) So, before the meeting my friend and I went to get something at the store. We found what he was looking for and made our way to the checkout. I headed straight for the self checkout, since it was unoccupied and we could, in theory, get out of there and make it to lunch before our scheduled meeting. He did not want to use the self checkout, but I won! Yay me. Anyway, we rang out and chose the ash option and he handed me the money and I inserted it and nothing happened. “This is why I hate these things”, he said. I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. It asked for 5.69, I put in six dollars…..nothing. So, we got the cashier to come over and complained about the machine and she said, “You put 6.15 in there?” Oh right, tax.

Have a marvy week all!


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  1. The Kept Woman Said:

    Dang that sneaky tax! 😉

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It’s always nice to see new faces!

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