Tornado Warning In Effect

I live in the suburbs of Atlanta. Friday night, a tornado hit downtown Atlanta and did substantial amounts of damage to several areas of the city. Just the thunderstorms that we had in our area were incredible. Lots of thunder and lightning, and wind.

Saturday morning the storms hit again around 6:30 or somewhere at that time. I finally dragged my ass out of bed and got dressed because I needed to do some shopping and stock the refrigerator for the week. So, as soon as I got up, the storms started again. I got a phone call from a friend of mine telling me that there was a massive storm headed right for us. I turned on the TV and it was not headed straight for us, although it was in the area and I guess could have shifted. We were under a warning and the sirens were going off, so I waited until the warning was lifted and decided to head out. Before I left, I told my son that on the off chance a storm were to roll through the area and tornadoes were in the works, he was to hole up in the den with the dogs and to cover himself with the couch and chair cushions. I left. Nothing happened.

I went and shopped and ended up having left my frelling credit card at home and had to go and retrieve it before I could finish my shopping. It was really nice outside, nothing looming. After clothes shopping, I went to Targ*t to pick up some stuff. While in there, I heard the siren go off again. My dad called to tell me the storm was above where I lived and on the move. I called my son and told him to check the weather. When I left the store there was a HUGE black cloud hanging out, but very little rain and wind. We live very close to the Targ*t, so I was not very far from home. On the drive back to the house, my son called to ask when I would be home because he was scared of the storm. I assured him that all was okay, the cloud was no where near our house, and that I would be there soon. No storm hit at all. I don’t even think we got any rain.

After I chilled out for a little while I got up to go into the kitchen. We live in a split level, so the door to the den is in the kitchen and you can look right in there. I looked down as I walked in the kitchen and there in the corner of the den was a storm shelter that my son built for himself and the dogs. He will always be my little boy, even though he is 13.

Have a happy week all!


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