BOSSY Did Atlanta!

Well, the fabulous BOSSY hit town Thursday night mere moments before the get together fresh in from Richmond. BOSSY and Stella showed up, a pitcher of margaritas appeared and we all got acquainted. We met at a fun tacqueria in a local neighborhood. After being reprimanded by the mean manager about moving tables, the evening got better. Several ladies arrived and it was so great to meet everyone!

After dinner, we headed to a pub nearby. Stella really tried to talk us into having an Irish Car Bomb with her.

She was working it hard, but once the word curdle came into play, we were not so convinced.

Before the car bomb


Thanks to Stella for coordinating and getting us all together, you rock!

I just need to tell you all what a great person BOSSY is and that you should all go and meet her if she is near your town!!! A great time will be had by all.

Have a great weekend!



  1. vuboq Said:

    Sounds like y’all had a blast! If you are on flickr, I’ve started a BOSSY’s Excellent Road Trip Group. Please consider joining and submitting some pix there (and spreading the word). *smooches*

  2. vuboq Said:

    Oh. the link to the group (it’s too early for me to be thinking straight … what am I saying, I never think straight …):

  3. JuliaG Said:

    ummm…yea. i did the irish car bomb thing with stella once. bad idea. i was sick the whole next day.

  4. Stella Said:

    oh goodness! you beat me to it!

    love it.

    it was a good time!!!

    and i swear those things are great.

    just have to chug fast enough you don’t let it curdle.

  5. Heather Said:

    I am totally jealous because I was at that pub hours before y’all and had I KNOWN that Bossy and all of you would be there I would have stayed….and probably empbarrassed myself. “Oh my god, it’s BOSSY! And STELLA! *Squeeeel!*”

  6. Heather Said:

    Oh, and the manager of that restaurant is a total dickhead. Don’t even get me started.

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