Last Name Necessary

I am a single woman. There is a man that I see on and off. When off, I pull out my trusty online dating profile and change it so it is seen when men log in looking for wonderful, talented, beautiful women like myself. I don’t get alot of hits. Anyway, I got an email from this man and he gave me his Yahoo! information for messenger, and I added him to my list.

We missed each other a few times, as I am very rarely on and when I am, I am invisible. So, this past Friday I logged in and saw that he was also online. So I sent him a hello.

After getting past the “How are yous”, etc. he asked me for my full name. I gave him my first name. He asked for my last name, and I refused. He asked why and I explained to him that I was not giving my information out to someone that I hardly knew. That I was cautious. I then asked him if he needed my last name to talk to me and he said YES! What is that? Weird is what I call it.


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  1. Debbie in NC Said:

    Gosh, I wish I had the nerve to do this! I did once and the guy turned out all right. But not someone I’d see a lot of. I’m beginning to think this is the only way I am going to meet someone. Hell, I was separated for 7 years after 20 year marriage. Then divorced this last November.

    A friend jokingly said “Are you waiting for someone to ring your doorbell?”

    Too long…I do need to get out there! Maybe that’s what is wrong with me!

    Glad you had a great time with Bossy!

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