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The promise

My son, being the teenage boy that he is, ended up with an ingrown toenail. The first round of meds and soaks didn’t resolve the problem and it became worse. Two weeks ago we went to the doctor again. Diganosis: nail removal. Makes me cringe when I think about it.

So, the big day for the removal was this morning at 11. The doctor gave me a couple of prescriptions for him to take before the procedure this morning. A little chloral hydrate and some phenergan. I read the description of the chloral hydrate – it is considered a “hypnotic”. The phenergan was for any nausea that he may experience during the procedure. Apparently males are more apt to lose their lunch if they see blood, especially their own. Females, not so much.

Well, son was really nervous about what was going to happen. He was sleepy from the meds, but not as sleepy as I thought he would be. When we got there he went straight to the bathroom while I checked him in. They called for him before he was out. The nurse made sure I didn’t let him longer in there too long, he was on a sleeping med after all. He made it out without an embarassing scene of me going into the men’s room and calling out his name.

The nurse gave me a sheet with the description of everything that the doctor was going to do. It was beautiful. I appreciate the details. The doctor also described everything he was going to do, and then while he was doing it, he told son what was going on.

Before the procedure started, I asked son if he wanted me to come and hold his hand. He tried to shrug it off and tell me that he was okay. I told him that he didn’t need to “man up” in the room and that it was okay to want to hold my hand. He decided that would be okay. So, I moved over next to him with my back to the doctor and held my baby’s hand. He wouldn’t let go. When we were alone in the room waiting for the lidocaine to numb him, he looked at me and said “If you ever have to get your toenail cut off, I’ll hold your hand the whole time”.

I love that boy so very much.

They finished the removal and all is well. He currently is waiting for some pain meds to kick in a little more and laying on the couch. I hope he can fall asleep.

Have a great rest of the week.


An open letter

Dear dumbass –

Thank you so much for not being able to decide which lane to drive in yesterday afternoon. Because of your indecisiveness and my mother’s wish to not be in a wreck, you caused her to get out of your way which caused her to hit the curb. This resulted in 2 of her tires being blown out.

Thanks for causing an expense that just is not in their budget. You ass.



The Venture Bros. Season 3

The Venture Bros. Season 3 is fast approaching.  It debuts on June 1 on Adult Swim, so be sure and mark your calendars!  Until then, here is a link to the sneak preview from NYCC.  Spoiler Alert 


So the other day I was talking with someone about kids.  She was telling me about meeting a teacher for the first time at her kid’s school.  She told me that he had only one child, and when she heard that it clinched it for her.  You see, parents of only children don’t know what it is to parent. 

I think my chin hit the floor.

Thanks, Mom

I love my mom.  With all my heart and soul I love her.  Let me just state that for the record.  She is probably one of my best friends and I tell her just about everything.  My older sister is appalled that I tell mom just about everything, but my take on it is, I am an adult.  She is an adult.  She can handle it.  🙂

Place: Mom’s Kitchen

Time:  7:30pm

I arrive to pick up the son, who has been hanging out at my folks while I attend a Band Booster meeting at son’s school.  I have been at work since 7:45 that morning, and am just a tad tired.  Still in work garb, black capris and a red top, that is a little on the flowy side, if you will.  Not the most flattering outfit, but I thought it looked okay when I put it on at 5:30 that morning. 

Geekgrl Mom:   “You look pregnant in that.”   She leans in and whispers “Are you gaining weight?  You look fat.”

Geekgrl:  “No mom, I am the same size.”

Geekgrl Mom:  “I thought you were going to WW.  You look really big in that outfit.”

Geekgrl:  <crickets chirping>

So, did I happen to say that my mom has always been brutally honest?  To say the least!  So this all happened yesterday afternoon.  This morning I was sitting at work and my cell rang.  Caller ID states that it was the parental unit’s house. 

GG:   “Hello?”

GM:    “Geekgrl?”

Now, the tone of her voice seemed to me that something was wrong

GG:  “What’s wrong?”

GM:  “Nothing’s wrong, I just wanted to say I am sorry for hurting your feelings yesterday.”

GG:  “It’s OK.”

GM:  “No it’s not, and I am really sorry that I said those things to you.”

GG:  “You didn’t hurt my feelings, I was just really taken aback.  I accept your apology, thank you.” 

So, there you have it.  My mom thought that I needed an apology, which I didn’t think I did.  She must have felt really bad about what she said.  I did remind her that she has always been brutally honest. 

And honestly, I did look bad in the clothes.  Large and in charge!

Have a happy Wednesday!


I blew it

My beloved friend S turns the big four-oh this week, and celebrated on Saturday with friends and family at her house.  Nice gathering, great food, great friends, etc.  In honor of her 40th, there were the appropriate black balloons decorating their mailbox and they has also bought some novelty caution tape, which on close exam had birthday warnings. 

I went out to my car during the festivities to do whatever and when I was walking back to their house, a woman drove slowly up next too me (having just passed the birthday house), and rolled down her window.  She stopped her car and asked me “What happened at that house over their?”, I looked at her dumbfounded, and replied “Nothing, it’s a birthday party”, and walked on.

Usually I am bit quicker in the upshot, but I had imbibed a few beers, so maybe the neurons weren’t firing as quickly as they should, because I should have said “Oh My God!  Didn’t you see this on the news?  There was a massacre here and there is blood all over the walls, it is just awful.” 

I am sad that I didn’t freak this woman out.  Next time.

Have a happy Monday everyone!

New Ventures

So, I have been working in my field for 10+ years.  I get a cool gift of my choice from a 4 page catalog that I was sent (I think I am going for the watch, although the grill/smoker is in the running), but I digress.  Recently I have gotten into cooking.  I have always enjoyed watching cooking shows and recently I have discovered that it is just so much easier and cheaper to cook at home and make what I want, the way I want it.  If I can remember to pull defrostables (I don’t think that is a word, but oh well) I am even better off when I get home in the evening and we don’t have to wait so late to eat.  Again with the digression!

I wouldn’t say that I dislike my current job, because nothing could be further from the truth.  I enjoy my job.  It is very, very slooooowwwwww right now, but hopefully it will pick up.   So, in order to give me something to do that I really enjoy, which is cooking, I am considering starting my own business. Stay with me people, I know I am all over the map, but pay attention!

I thought about going the route of Personal Chef and was looking into costs, etc when I ran across another program that is not nearly as expensive.  In home cooking classes.  I could go through the learn at home program, get all the marketing materials, cost breakdowns, all the information that I would need to start the business.  I am still researching and gathering information.  It would be a part time gig, maybe one party a month, or something to that effect.

Would you pay to have someone come to your home to teach you and your friends some recipes?


So, I packed up my unwilling 13 year old and my 78 year old mother, and we headed off to Asheville, NC.  Have you ever vacationed with an adolescent who consistently reminds you throughout the trip that they don’t want to be there?  Well, let me just tell you, I don’t recommend it.  Unless you want to do some time.  But now that I think about it, spending the 2 days in the car with him being an ass was really like serving time….


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

In my travels

on the World Wide Web, I ran across a blog post about a fellow blogger who needs help. She has been diagnosed with her THIRD bout of cancer. If you click Mickey to the right, it will take you to all the information that you need to help out.

There is a raffle involved for all who give to the cause. Please help if you can.

Thanks and have an excellent day!

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