I blew it

My beloved friend S turns the big four-oh this week, and celebrated on Saturday with friends and family at her house.  Nice gathering, great food, great friends, etc.  In honor of her 40th, there were the appropriate black balloons decorating their mailbox and they has also bought some novelty caution tape, which on close exam had birthday warnings. 

I went out to my car during the festivities to do whatever and when I was walking back to their house, a woman drove slowly up next too me (having just passed the birthday house), and rolled down her window.  She stopped her car and asked me “What happened at that house over their?”, I looked at her dumbfounded, and replied “Nothing, it’s a birthday party”, and walked on.

Usually I am bit quicker in the upshot, but I had imbibed a few beers, so maybe the neurons weren’t firing as quickly as they should, because I should have said “Oh My God!  Didn’t you see this on the news?  There was a massacre here and there is blood all over the walls, it is just awful.” 

I am sad that I didn’t freak this woman out.  Next time.

Have a happy Monday everyone!



  1. noble pig Said:

    I can’t believe it but people love to drive around on death watch and rubber neck all the accidents.

  2. geekgrl64 Said:

    It was just so funny to me. Especially with the black balloons on the mailbox!

  3. Don’t you hate when a perfectly good buzz impairs your wit?! (sigh)

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