Thanks, Mom

I love my mom.  With all my heart and soul I love her.  Let me just state that for the record.  She is probably one of my best friends and I tell her just about everything.  My older sister is appalled that I tell mom just about everything, but my take on it is, I am an adult.  She is an adult.  She can handle it.  🙂

Place: Mom’s Kitchen

Time:  7:30pm

I arrive to pick up the son, who has been hanging out at my folks while I attend a Band Booster meeting at son’s school.  I have been at work since 7:45 that morning, and am just a tad tired.  Still in work garb, black capris and a red top, that is a little on the flowy side, if you will.  Not the most flattering outfit, but I thought it looked okay when I put it on at 5:30 that morning. 

Geekgrl Mom:   “You look pregnant in that.”   She leans in and whispers “Are you gaining weight?  You look fat.”

Geekgrl:  “No mom, I am the same size.”

Geekgrl Mom:  “I thought you were going to WW.  You look really big in that outfit.”

Geekgrl:  <crickets chirping>

So, did I happen to say that my mom has always been brutally honest?  To say the least!  So this all happened yesterday afternoon.  This morning I was sitting at work and my cell rang.  Caller ID states that it was the parental unit’s house. 

GG:   “Hello?”

GM:    “Geekgrl?”

Now, the tone of her voice seemed to me that something was wrong

GG:  “What’s wrong?”

GM:  “Nothing’s wrong, I just wanted to say I am sorry for hurting your feelings yesterday.”

GG:  “It’s OK.”

GM:  “No it’s not, and I am really sorry that I said those things to you.”

GG:  “You didn’t hurt my feelings, I was just really taken aback.  I accept your apology, thank you.” 

So, there you have it.  My mom thought that I needed an apology, which I didn’t think I did.  She must have felt really bad about what she said.  I did remind her that she has always been brutally honest. 

And honestly, I did look bad in the clothes.  Large and in charge!

Have a happy Wednesday!



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  1. noble pig Said:

    That’s sweet actually. My mother never apologizes for her honest comments. Lucky girl.

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