So the other day I was talking with someone about kids.  She was telling me about meeting a teacher for the first time at her kid’s school.  She told me that he had only one child, and when she heard that it clinched it for her.  You see, parents of only children don’t know what it is to parent. 

I think my chin hit the floor.



  1. noble pig Said:

    What? Don’t know how to parent? What am I missing here? That’s absurd!

  2. geekgrl64 Said:

    I know, right?

  3. naomi Said:

    what an interesting perspective. fallacious, but interesting. apparently single children raise themselves. i think even boy would argue with that.

  4. BOSSY Said:

    Bossy’s chin is still on the floor. Send help, she has a pointy chin.

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