The promise

My son, being the teenage boy that he is, ended up with an ingrown toenail. The first round of meds and soaks didn’t resolve the problem and it became worse. Two weeks ago we went to the doctor again. Diganosis: nail removal. Makes me cringe when I think about it.

So, the big day for the removal was this morning at 11. The doctor gave me a couple of prescriptions for him to take before the procedure this morning. A little chloral hydrate and some phenergan. I read the description of the chloral hydrate – it is considered a “hypnotic”. The phenergan was for any nausea that he may experience during the procedure. Apparently males are more apt to lose their lunch if they see blood, especially their own. Females, not so much.

Well, son was really nervous about what was going to happen. He was sleepy from the meds, but not as sleepy as I thought he would be. When we got there he went straight to the bathroom while I checked him in. They called for him before he was out. The nurse made sure I didn’t let him longer in there too long, he was on a sleeping med after all. He made it out without an embarassing scene of me going into the men’s room and calling out his name.

The nurse gave me a sheet with the description of everything that the doctor was going to do. It was beautiful. I appreciate the details. The doctor also described everything he was going to do, and then while he was doing it, he told son what was going on.

Before the procedure started, I asked son if he wanted me to come and hold his hand. He tried to shrug it off and tell me that he was okay. I told him that he didn’t need to “man up” in the room and that it was okay to want to hold my hand. He decided that would be okay. So, I moved over next to him with my back to the doctor and held my baby’s hand. He wouldn’t let go. When we were alone in the room waiting for the lidocaine to numb him, he looked at me and said “If you ever have to get your toenail cut off, I’ll hold your hand the whole time”.

I love that boy so very much.

They finished the removal and all is well. He currently is waiting for some pain meds to kick in a little more and laying on the couch. I hope he can fall asleep.

Have a great rest of the week.



  1. naomi Said:

    awww! what a sweetie! i hope his toe feels better quickly.

  2. noble pig Said:

    That is so sweet! His comment to you was just a sign that he loves and needs his Mom even though it’s hard to admit.

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