Belated Happy Mother’s Day

Greetings all!  A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there in internet land!

I took a weekend off from the cyberworld.  No particular reason, just didn’t wanna.  Anyway, how was your weekend?  Mine was pretty uneventful.

Friday I had dinner and drinks over at a friend’s house.  Her children and my child all go to school together.  I knew that my son had gone over after school.  I had a stop to make on the way home, so I called their house and told them I would be over to pick him up in a bit.  I was told there would be margaritas waiting for me.  Yum.  It was quite tasty and kicked my ass a little.  I think it has just been too long since I drank some hard liquor.   I followed up with some Pale Ales.  Very tasty.  Surprise cookouts and time spent with good friends, a great way to start the weekend!

Saturday I had volunteered for a music festival at son’s school.  He is in the band and so I feel obligated to help out.  I asked him if he was planning on going with me Friday evening, to which he answered “Yes!”.  I thought there may have a been a girl involved in that decision, but he explained to me this weekend that there were no girls that he liked and I should not even entertain teasing him about it.  I promised that I wouldn’t.  My fingers were crossed.   We were supposed to be there at 7:45am.  It took a long time to get him up and functioning.  The shower part was easy, he got right up when I told him to hit the shower and start getting ready.  It all fell apart when he had to find socks to wear.  I don’t know where they all go.   We finally left the house with about 5 minutes to get there.  Needless to say, we didn’t make it.  Coffee for me was much more important.  Besides, I was only 5 minutes late and I called and said I was running behind.  So, we sat at the school and checked in bands and choruses until close to 1pm.  All I could think about was that the yard needed to be cut.  It takes a good 2 hours to cut just my backyard.  Push mower.   Urghhh.  I am so buying a riding mower this year.  A friend told me I should keep the push mower.  I told her it was easy for her to say since she didn’t have to cut it once a week for the rest of the summer into the fall.  She agreed.    So, I finished the yard and then made the son go out and cut the front.  My Mother’s Day gift was that I didn’t have to pay him to cut the grass.  What a nice boy.

Sunday dawned and I discovered that son had left the gate to the backyard open.  It was a mistake and I should have checked on Saturday that he had actually closed the gate, so I suppose we are both at fault to a degree.  The only way I discovered that he had left it open was when my doberman came walking up to the front door to be let in.  At least she came back and didn’t wreak havoc all over the neighborhood.  She would have attacked with kindness anyway.  Glad I took her to the vet on Friday for shots! 

I also knocked out some serious sides to take to the parent’s house for the Mother’s Day cookout.  I made potato salad, cucumber salad and I marinated some al dente asparagus spears in some garlic herb dressing mix.  Very tasty.   Got to the ‘rents house and ate then headed out to see Iron Man.  You must go and see this movie.  It was so good.  Be sure to sit and wait until after the credits roll.  There is a little teaser at the end of the credits.    Oh, before I forget, my lovely son who I adore, managed to sneeze his gum onto my arm along with a load of spit and then sit on my sunglasses in the car after being told to not sit on the sunglasses.  Ah, motherhood.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Hope everyone had a happy day and has a great rest of the week!




  1. noble pig Said:

    Well you sound as if you were busy, in a good way.

  2. BOSSY Said:

    Bossy’s Dane often appears at the front door when we all think she’s enclosed in the back yard. The reason they know she’s at the front door is because she casts an enormous shadow on the entire house.

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