Holiday Weekends

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  I left work later than usual Friday, so got home later than usual.  After experiencing some miscommunication between my son’s father and stepmother, the weekend was on!

Saturday morning dawned too early. I had to get son to Calhoun to meet his stepmom for the weekend drop off.  Before meeting her, even though I had already fed him, an hour later he was hungry again.  No big shocker, he is a teenage boy after all.  Bottomless pit and all that.  So, I stop in the McDonald’s right off the exit that we were meeting.  We were a little early, so that is why I went ahead and stopped.  The drive thru line was almost out of the parking lot onto the road, so I opted to go wait inside and order.  Of course, the restaurant was packed as well.  I chose a line to stand in and settled in for the wait.  There were about 4 people in front of me.  I happened to be paying attention when the woman 2 in front of me tried to pay with her plastic and was told that they couldn’t accept plastic at that register, only cash.  I don’t carry cash often and in this day and age of the quick pay, I use my plastic.  A. Lot.  So, I moved to another line at the end and had to wait again.  When the cash only line was relatively empty, I looked at the cashier and stated that they needed to put a “cash only” sign up, as I had waited in her line and then had to move.  She looked at me and told me they weren’t allowed to.  Huh?   Then, we went to meet the stepmom who arrived very promptly on time.  Now, I was under the impression that they were keeping son until Monday afternoon.  That is what his father and I discussed.  Son is out of school for the summer so could have stayed even longer if he had so desired, but Monday was the day decided.  Stepmom arrives and says “His dad said we’ll meet tomorrow at 5, is that okay?”  Huh?  “I was told Monday afternoon”, she again repeated tomorrow at 5.  I agreed.  I don’t know why we even bother to play this visitation game.  His dad always works and never spends much time with him when he is there.  Very frustrating.

I got back to town and thinking I had planned a pedicure appointment with a neighbor, she bailed.  That opened my morning right up.  She was having a birthday bash that afternoon/evening so she needed the time to get it together.  No problem.  I went home and played a little Mario Kart on the Wii to pass the time until the BBQ at my parent’s neighborhood pool.  As I was walking in, a friend was walking to get some stuff from his car.  My friend’s always have good beer, so a couple of hours of good BBQ, good beer and good conversation. 

I arrived back home about an hour before my neighbor’s party started, so I booted up the Wii again.  It’s just a tad addictive.  I love it.  I moseyed over to the neighbor’s house for a little bit, but I had plans that evening.  I was taking a friend of mine to see The Kids in the Hall.  OMG, I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.  Those boys were so very good.  If you have a chance to see them, you must.

 (Bruce McCullough, Dave Foley, Scott Thompson, Mark McKinney and Kevin McDonald)

Sunday was pretty uneventful.  Rescheduled pedicure, drive to pick up the boy and then out to an impromptu cookout.  Monday I cut the grass.  Too much fun.  Hope yours was as fun as mine!


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  1. noble pig Said:

    Well it sounds like fun except for McDonald’s. I always get so annooyed there!

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