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I live on about an acre.  Corner lot.  Too much yard.  Especially when you have to cut it with a push mower.  Ok, it is a self propelled mower, but still a bitch.  I cut about every 2 weeks.  I live in the south, so lack of rain means little to no grass growth which makes an easier cut for me.  

So, last night I went out to cut the grass.  It was all going well, the temp was not horrific and there was a breeze that threatened showers.  I secretly hoped it would rain, but it never really did, so on I plowed.  At about 8:30p I hit my stride, and even though my iPod had died, I was plugging on through.  I figured I would be done in another 30 minutes and then would be free for the weekend activities with no grass looming. 

Suddenly, I felt pain in my knee.  I looked down and saw that I had been bitten, or stung by something.  As I was leaning down to check out the area on my knee, I felt several more shots of pain on my other leg and my back.  At that point, I freaked out.  I ran to the house screaming “Ahhhhhhh, something’s stinging me.  Help, help!”  My teenager didn’t even flinch and continued his Xbox game.  I continued to run around the kitchen in my grass cutting boots:

A tank top and some long shorts.  I was a sight to behold.  The whole time “Ahhhhhhhh.  Something’s stinging me!!!  Ahhhhhhh!”  The dogs were all for the excitement and joined me in my run through the house.  All I wanted to do was strip, but since my son was in the other room, I didn’t want to scar him by stripping and taking the chance that he may actually show an interest in my distress and come to my aid.  So I ran upstairs to my room.  Stripped the tank off in the hall way and as soom as I hit my room I discarded the boots and then saw the culprit(s):

I use the plural because I actually brought 2 in the house with me.  I think I killed one of them twice.  I don’t know, it was just all traumatic.  Ha!  My son wouldn’t even go and kill the fecking bugs.  He closed my bedroom door when I went in for the battle, just so whatever it was that had bitten me wouldn’t go into the rest of the house.  Can you feel the love?

Well dear reader, all went well.  Thank the gods for Febreze and papertowel tubes.  Also, discarded shoes came in handy during the execution.  That was just for one of the buggers.  The other one met the flyswatter.  Once I had my hands on the swatter, it was ON!

Now I can’t finish cutting the grass till I kill the rest of the jackets.  Maybe I could propose a peace treaty?  Have a great weekend all!


Did you ever

have a friend who hears something totally different then the words that have come out of your mouth?  I have one of those friends.  After speaking with me on a couple of different topics, she has determined that having children is awful (my pregnancy was awful, the end result is the best thing I have ever done) and apparently since I voted for Obama in the primary and then questioned my vote to her, means that I am voting for McCain and I hate the democratic party.  I discovered this last weekend when she came over to have a few adult beverages. 

The person who lives behind me put an Obama sign in his front yard.  She wanted to go steal it and became quite upset when I told her I was not going to participate in this theft.   I mean, I wouldn’t steal anyone’s sign out of their yard, whether they be republican, democrati or libertarian.  It is just not something that I would do.  She quoted back to me what I never said, which was that I hated Obama, was sorry that I ever voted for him and that I wouldn’t vote democrat if he was the candidate.   I never said that.  Why can’t people just listen?

A census taker came to question me and I ate his liver with some fava beans and a fine Chianti

So I got pegged to participate in the US Census.  Lucky me, right?  So, they began stalking me last May, the day I had my gross automobile accident.  Anyway, I finally caved when they showed up at my house asking me all types of questions.  So, I am thoroughly entrenched in the whole census thing now and I can’t get out.  Nothing in my life has really changed.  At all.  Same job, same kid, same house, you get the picture. 

About 2 months ago I am in the middle of cooking dinner.  My front door was wide open, storm door shut.  Son was out mowing the grass.  He comes inside and tells me that there is someone to see me.  I go to the door, lo and behold – Census dude.  He tells me who he is, shows me his ID, etc.  I tell him that nothing has changed since the last visit.  At. all.  He insists that we have to go through all the frelling questions.  Again.  I stopped him in the middle of the inquisition so I could go check on the food that I was cooking.   Then I went back and finished answering his questions with the same answers I gave the last time. 

I was at the beach last week and apparently Census dude came by while I was gone.  My neighbor happened to be on pet sitting duty and was there when he showed up.  They told him that nothing has changed with me, as far as they knew. 

The other night the girls were going crazy, but I had not heard the doorbell or a knock.  Dogs are great alerts when there is someone at the door.   So, I opened the door, and there was Census dude. 

CD:  Has anything changed?

GG:  No

CD:  Thanks!

What the hell?  Why can he take that as an answer one time and not the other, particularly when I am in the middle of cooking and can’t really answer all the fecking questions, especially when nothing has changed. 



George Carlin passed away yesterday afternoon.  I have to say that he was one of my favorite comedians.  One of the first albums I purchased was a concert that he had done.  He will be missed.



Hot, hot, hot

I arrived home yesterday evening from a long, hard day at work (snicker) to a little bit of a warm house.  I didn’t think much of it when I first got home.  I had stopped for some supper for son and I, because I had to cut grass and cooking dinner did not fit into that equation.  So, we ate and then I went up to check on the babies and change for the grass cutting extravaganza.  It was really much warmer upstairs than down.  Go figure, right?  I also noticed that the air conditioner was not running, but the thermostat said it should be, as it was 9000 degrees in the house.  Okay, more like 88, but with the heat index it was like 9000.    So, doing what any 43 year old adult single woman who is so dependent on her parents that she only lives 6 miles from them would do, I called my dad.  🙂  While I talked to my dad, I fiddled with the thermostat and finally the unit kicked on.  Barely pushing air through the registers.  I just wanted a cool house to come into after cutting the back 40.  (I live on an acre that I mow with a self propelled mower)  It was not a cool house when I came in from the outside, so I called my dad back and he had the number of his guy who does A/C work.  At 9pm I was dialing the guy and scheduled for him to come out today.  He called me at 8 this morning and was at my house at 8:30.  All I could think about was the money that I didn’t have for any A/C work to be done. 

He charged me $75 to just come out to the house.  He didn’t find anything wrong with the A/C other than the pump needed to be replaced.    $240 later and I have a new pump, new hose and nothing else wrong with the A/C.  I sure do hope that is the case when I get home tonight.   Keep your fingers crossed!

Felines meet canines

So, I got 2 new babies on Friday.  I already have 2 big canine babies aka “The girls”.  One shepherd and a doberman.  Very sweet, wonderful, slightly unruly dogs.  That have never been around cats.  Ever.  The doberman may have before I got her, but there was no mention of that fact when I adopted her.  

I brought the kittens home (Stimpy and Leo) Friday and secured them in my guest bedroom.  I took the towel that was in their little carrier and I took it down for the dogs to smell.  The doberman could have cared less.  The shepherd, however, was a totally different story.  She smelled that towel and when put it on the floor for her to smell, she continued to sniff it and then proceeded to lay down on it.  I don’t know if that is a good sign or a bad sign.  My son said that she was “sniffing out her prey”.  Now, the shepherd (Chowder) has taken up residence outside that bedroom door with her nose stuck under sniffing.  Leo was not happy to have a big ol’ dog snuffing him under the door and proceeded to hiss and poof up like a bristle brush.   Yesterday when I got home from seeing SaTC, I took one of the kitties and brought him downstairs in his carrier to let the girls have a whiff and vice versa.  He totally wigged when he saw the dogs and spat and hissed and tried to pop them if he had been able to make contact.  That was enough for the dobie to back off and not bother with him anymore, but Chowder was all about smelling that baby.  I didn’t let it go on too long because Leo was wigging about the big ol’ dog sniffing at him.  Chowder will not leave their bedroom door unless I am downstairs.  I think that I will introduce the older kitten sometime this week and actually hold him and let the girls smell and vice versa. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I am wide open to them.  Has anyone had to introduce kittens into a canine only house?


Stimpson J. Cat (my son named him) the littler one is mine to name.

New family member

Cuteness…just cuteness

He has an older brother, his picture will be up soon.

Tuesday already!  I meant to post yesterday, but never got around to it. 

How was your weekend?  Mine was good, thanks for asking.  Friday I left work a little early and then headed over to game with some friends.  Several of them are going on extended vacations this summer and this was our last chance to get together before July.  We played a rousing game of Munchkin Cthulhu.  I love all those Munchkin games, they are soooo much fun. 

Saturday my nephew and his mom were in town, so I had family obligations all day.  No big, I love my nephew, he is great.   It also helps that I am his favorite aunt.  (I love that).  He and his mom live a tiny town in N.C., so coming to the suburbs of Atlanta is big shopping opportunities.  We went to the mall.  I haven’t been to the mall in I don’t know how long.  As far as I am concerned we were there waaaayyyyy too long.  I didn’t even buy anything for myself!  I dropped some cash on son, as he swears he only had 2 pair of shorts.  That wasn’t going to be acceptable for the summer at all.  So, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, khakis and lunch later I was down some monies.  Then when we got in the car to leave he was bitching that he didn’t get anything!   Ahhh, adolescents.  Aren’t they fun?

The rest of the day was a bust.  We had dinner and then went to the pool.  My mom and I weren’t swimming, just along for the ride.  It was a nice evening, not very crowded at the pool.  While we were there, a bunny hopped into the fenced in pool area.  Next thing we know, the bunny is in the pool swimming for dear life!  back and forth it swam, while people on the pool deck tried to rescue it by having it climb onto boogie boards.  I looked for the pool skimmer, but apparently they don’t use one at the pool.  Someone finally jumped in and grabbed it by the scruff of its neck.  The poor bunny opened its little bunny mouth and it SCREAMED!  Twice.  Heartbreaking.  They released it back into the woods.  I have never heard a bunny scream.  Really strange.

After a few Mario Kart morning races with the nephew,  I talked him and son into seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I was a little scared because I had not heard good things about it.  I decided that I was going to see it regardless, because I do love Indiana Jones.   It totally delivered.  At least I think it did.  It was just as action packed as the others.  I think it was better than Temple of Doom, but that is my least favorite of the first three.  So, if you are an Indy fan, you should see it.   

Sunday night, Adult Swim showed the third season premiere of The Venture Bros.  LOVED IT.  I thought it was very good.  Loved the twists that Publick and Hammer put into the show.  If you have never checked out The Venture Bros. and you like off beat, not suitable for young viewer cartoons, then Venture is for you.  Think Johnny Quest, but strange.

Well that is about it.  I always think I have these boring weekends where nothing much happens.  Then I write it all out and see that they aren’t so boring.  Go figure.