Felines meet canines

So, I got 2 new babies on Friday.  I already have 2 big canine babies aka “The girls”.  One shepherd and a doberman.  Very sweet, wonderful, slightly unruly dogs.  That have never been around cats.  Ever.  The doberman may have before I got her, but there was no mention of that fact when I adopted her.  

I brought the kittens home (Stimpy and Leo) Friday and secured them in my guest bedroom.  I took the towel that was in their little carrier and I took it down for the dogs to smell.  The doberman could have cared less.  The shepherd, however, was a totally different story.  She smelled that towel and when put it on the floor for her to smell, she continued to sniff it and then proceeded to lay down on it.  I don’t know if that is a good sign or a bad sign.  My son said that she was “sniffing out her prey”.  Now, the shepherd (Chowder) has taken up residence outside that bedroom door with her nose stuck under sniffing.  Leo was not happy to have a big ol’ dog snuffing him under the door and proceeded to hiss and poof up like a bristle brush.   Yesterday when I got home from seeing SaTC, I took one of the kitties and brought him downstairs in his carrier to let the girls have a whiff and vice versa.  He totally wigged when he saw the dogs and spat and hissed and tried to pop them if he had been able to make contact.  That was enough for the dobie to back off and not bother with him anymore, but Chowder was all about smelling that baby.  I didn’t let it go on too long because Leo was wigging about the big ol’ dog sniffing at him.  Chowder will not leave their bedroom door unless I am downstairs.  I think that I will introduce the older kitten sometime this week and actually hold him and let the girls smell and vice versa. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I am wide open to them.  Has anyone had to introduce kittens into a canine only house?



  1. noble pig Said:

    I never have…good luck with that!! Congrats on your new babies.

  2. naomi Said:

    my suggestion is full body armour for when the cats go nuts. know any swat officers you can borrow one from?

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