Hot, hot, hot

I arrived home yesterday evening from a long, hard day at work (snicker) to a little bit of a warm house.  I didn’t think much of it when I first got home.  I had stopped for some supper for son and I, because I had to cut grass and cooking dinner did not fit into that equation.  So, we ate and then I went up to check on the babies and change for the grass cutting extravaganza.  It was really much warmer upstairs than down.  Go figure, right?  I also noticed that the air conditioner was not running, but the thermostat said it should be, as it was 9000 degrees in the house.  Okay, more like 88, but with the heat index it was like 9000.    So, doing what any 43 year old adult single woman who is so dependent on her parents that she only lives 6 miles from them would do, I called my dad.  🙂  While I talked to my dad, I fiddled with the thermostat and finally the unit kicked on.  Barely pushing air through the registers.  I just wanted a cool house to come into after cutting the back 40.  (I live on an acre that I mow with a self propelled mower)  It was not a cool house when I came in from the outside, so I called my dad back and he had the number of his guy who does A/C work.  At 9pm I was dialing the guy and scheduled for him to come out today.  He called me at 8 this morning and was at my house at 8:30.  All I could think about was the money that I didn’t have for any A/C work to be done. 

He charged me $75 to just come out to the house.  He didn’t find anything wrong with the A/C other than the pump needed to be replaced.    $240 later and I have a new pump, new hose and nothing else wrong with the A/C.  I sure do hope that is the case when I get home tonight.   Keep your fingers crossed!



  1. noble pig Said:

    Repair bills are the worst aren’t they!

  2. geekgrl64 Said:

    I know! Now the real test is when I get home this evening. Jeez I hope it’s cool!

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