A census taker came to question me and I ate his liver with some fava beans and a fine Chianti

So I got pegged to participate in the US Census.  Lucky me, right?  So, they began stalking me last May, the day I had my gross automobile accident.  Anyway, I finally caved when they showed up at my house asking me all types of questions.  So, I am thoroughly entrenched in the whole census thing now and I can’t get out.  Nothing in my life has really changed.  At all.  Same job, same kid, same house, you get the picture. 

About 2 months ago I am in the middle of cooking dinner.  My front door was wide open, storm door shut.  Son was out mowing the grass.  He comes inside and tells me that there is someone to see me.  I go to the door, lo and behold – Census dude.  He tells me who he is, shows me his ID, etc.  I tell him that nothing has changed since the last visit.  At. all.  He insists that we have to go through all the frelling questions.  Again.  I stopped him in the middle of the inquisition so I could go check on the food that I was cooking.   Then I went back and finished answering his questions with the same answers I gave the last time. 

I was at the beach last week and apparently Census dude came by while I was gone.  My neighbor happened to be on pet sitting duty and was there when he showed up.  They told him that nothing has changed with me, as far as they knew. 

The other night the girls were going crazy, but I had not heard the doorbell or a knock.  Dogs are great alerts when there is someone at the door.   So, I opened the door, and there was Census dude. 

CD:  Has anything changed?

GG:  No

CD:  Thanks!

What the hell?  Why can he take that as an answer one time and not the other, particularly when I am in the middle of cooking and can’t really answer all the fecking questions, especially when nothing has changed. 




  1. noble pig Said:

    Tell him your pregnant with sextuplets. Weirdo, what does he want?

  2. Jules Said:

    Ooo, what a fab idea. It would totally hose the census, but I am quite tired of this intrusion!

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