Did you ever

have a friend who hears something totally different then the words that have come out of your mouth?  I have one of those friends.  After speaking with me on a couple of different topics, she has determined that having children is awful (my pregnancy was awful, the end result is the best thing I have ever done) and apparently since I voted for Obama in the primary and then questioned my vote to her, means that I am voting for McCain and I hate the democratic party.  I discovered this last weekend when she came over to have a few adult beverages. 

The person who lives behind me put an Obama sign in his front yard.  She wanted to go steal it and became quite upset when I told her I was not going to participate in this theft.   I mean, I wouldn’t steal anyone’s sign out of their yard, whether they be republican, democrati or libertarian.  It is just not something that I would do.  She quoted back to me what I never said, which was that I hated Obama, was sorry that I ever voted for him and that I wouldn’t vote democrat if he was the candidate.   I never said that.  Why can’t people just listen?



  1. noble pig Said:

    Oh boy do I have a friend like that…it’s really hard to maintain the friendship.

  2. Carole Said:

    YES!! It drives me crazy! I actually try to avoid this person because every time we talk I’m never sure what she’s going to do afterwards, or what she’s going to tell someone about what she THINKS I said. It’s like the words come out of my mouth, go through some invisible translation machine, then into her brain.

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