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Where did the weekend go?

Wow, Monday already!  Friday at work a friend told me that she and her husband were heading over to my neck of the woods for a free concert in the city square.  I figured since it was so close, why not join them, right?  My neighbor and I had talked about getting together Friday night, so I messaged her and asked if she and her husband wanted to hit the square for some Jimmy Buffett cover band goodness.  They were in!

I made my son go with (he was not thrilled) and we sat in our little chairs with our coolers full of beer and Powerade (that’s what mine was filled with) and enjoyed a beautiful evening out.  Thank the gods it was not a scorcher or horrifically humid!

Saturday dawned bright and early.  I was up and dressed by 8am, as a friend was swinging by to pick up an Xbox game for a roadtrip.  Her son and my son, they make the best plans don’t they?  So, she finally showed up.  I didn’t invite her in because 1) I knew she was in a hurry, and 2) I didn’t want the girls to kill her with kindness.  She has bichons at home, I have small horses. 

After she left, I took myself to see “The Dark Knight”.  Son had already seen it with his dad and he wasn’t willing to sit for another showing.  It clocks at 2:25.  That was the time from the beginning of the movie until the first end credit started to roll.   I liked it so very much.  So much so that I am gonna go see it again with some friends when they go check it out.

I got home around 1pm and then lounged around procrstinating all that I needed to do.  The store was really a priority as I had a BBQ to attend Sunday and I needed to get the groceries for the recipe I was making.  I went to the one store in town I was sure would have all the ingredients I needed.  They didn’t have everything I needed, so I had to stop at Publix on the way home and get the last few items.  Irritating! 

That evening son and I were scheduled to visit some friends and get in some type of gaming.  We actually ended up creating characters for a Call of Cthulhu campaign.  Son played Half Life on the PS3, he doesn’t do the RPG thing with paper and pencil, just the MMORPGs.  So, I am super excited about the Cthulhu game.  My friend J is the best GM and when he runs Cthulhu, all the better!  So, we are all set to game every other Friday or Saturday starting August 9.  Yay!

Onto Sunday!  The BBQ.  Ohmygods, the food!  There were 6 of us there.  We all chipped in some cash to one of the couples, as they had a deal on getting the meat for the grill.  9 racks of baby back ribs and three whole chickens.  There were appetizers of the meat kind as well.  Really yummy hot dogs and the most divine brisket I have ever eaten.  I had brisket in Texas and this brisket put the Texas to shame.  There were sides too!  I brought this:

 Thanks so much to The Pioneer Woman for the recipe. It was a huge hit!  She lists it as her favorite salad ever and I have to agree.  Although, if you aren’t feeding alot of folks, you may want to cut the recipe down.  I did not cut the recipe down and there was enough left over for everyone to take some home.  Actually, there was enough of everything left over for everyone to take a little something home!

We had a great time!  We broke out Rock Band and played that for a bit.  Actually, they were still playing when I had to leave.

Here was our venue:

Ahhh, the great outdoors.  Overall it was a great weekend.  Busy, but great.  It was full of fun and great friends. 

How was your weekend?


I <3 iPhone

I know that I am late to the game of the iPhone.  I got one last weekend and I just have to say that I lurve it sooooo much.  It was given to me, otherwise, I wouldn’t have one.  It isn’t the brand new one, it is someone’s old one that they replaced with the new 3G one. 

Now I have to tell all my friends to change my number in their phones…erghhh



Onto kittens.  They are growing like the little weeds they are.  They are still confined away from the canines.  Chowder (85+ lb shepherd) still gets really excited about seeing the kitties and begins to cry.  Yara (80+ lb doberman) just looks at them wagging her tail.  She did smell one of the babies and made no attempt to eat him, but you never know.  I want some heft on the kitties so they can smack dog noses if needed.  I think it will take a long time, but I think that we can all live happily ever after.  I hope. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Technology Jones

So I was flipping channels the other evening looking for something to watch.  All my dvr shows had already been viewed and nothing was waiting.  As I looked through the channel guide, I saw a show on the Mojo channel (I have no idea) called “Technology Jones”. 

Apparently the premise of the show is that all your technology is taken from you for a week and replaced with technology from another year.  Last night’s show featured a family who lived in Bronxville, NY.  He worked in the city as an interior designer, I am guessing that mom was a SAHM, but they had 2 nannies (for 3 kids).  This family had a ton of technology.  Numerous cellphones, video baby monitors, laptops, dvd players and the ultimate to get around, a segway.  Dad used the segway to get around when working in the city. 

So, they replaced all the technology of today with technology from 1983.  No digital cameras, they got a point and shoot Polaroid.  Rather than their sleek awesome cell phone, they got a bag phone from 1983.  They replaced the laptop with a 286.  It was so funny.  They let the mom keep her swanky SUV for the safety of the children.  At the end of the week they were graded.  Apparently dad had stashed a dvd player before they took all the technology, so because he cheated, they got a grade of a Junior High School Science Fair Project.   It was definitely entertaining.  

What would you do without your technology?


that is what I am.  I thought I was strong and that I would hold my ground, keep my wall up.  Not so much. 

I am involved with someone.  I try to break away and I set rules for myself and that other person.  I broke my rule and went out with them on Saturday.  We had not been out socially in a really, really long time.  We had a really, really great time.  Damnit. 

There are some personal issues that need to be taken care of on their end and I just removed myself from the equation in order to make it easier for them to do what needs to be done.  It never got done.  It is never going to happen and as much as I hate to state that, I know it is true. 

I read about all these healthy relationships that other people have, which I do not.  I want a healthy relationship.  I long for a healthy relationship.  I had some profiles up on dating sites.  All I ever meet are men who are waayyyyy too young for me and just want sex.  Or, I meet men who are closer to my age, but they just seem to want sex.  I mean, I know that is what men want.  A lot.  But aren’t there any out there that wants to build a nice, healthy relationship?  Where are they?  I get the ones that just want to get their rocks off and nothing more. 

I know that this makes very little sense.  I just needed to post and vent a little.  I love this person and they just don’t get it.  I don’t want to move on, but I know that I need to.  Erghhhhh.

Geekgrl and the Angry Itch

Friday morning I woke up with an itch.  An itch that spread from my arms, to my legs and even a little on my chest.  It was an angry itch that wanted to be scratched.  So, after getting ready for work, I popped a couple of Benadryl and promptly slept the entire drive into the office.  And I was driving!  Okay, it is more like zoning than sleeping.   Four hours later I popped more Benadryl and called the doctor.  The angry itch was not going away.

Got an afternoon appointment and showed up 20 minutes early, hoping that they would call me back sooner rather than later.  It was later, to the tune of 30 minutes past my appt. time.   No biggie.  The nurse called me back, I went and the exam began.  The nurse took my info, weighed me, etc.  The doctor looked at my rash and said it looked like poison ivy.  I don’t do yard work, nor do I get poison ivy.  Ever.  She told me that everyone gets poison ivy if they are exposed to enough of it.  I don’t buy it.  Anyway, she had to bring her colleague in to look at my skin weirdness.  He spat forth some medical lingo, that I totally did not understand.  “You have blahblahblahblah blah”.  AKA – Hives.  No one knows why, or what I am allergic to, but, here’s a shot in the ass of steroids and a nice little steroid pack of pills for the weekend.  Yay me!  The doctor asked me if I had been on prednisone before, which I had, and when I told her that she was all “Good, so you know you won’t kill your child”.  I hate steroids.   

So, the weekend was an itchy one.  Each day better than the day before, thank the gods!  So, there you have it,  another strange illness.   

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, staff meeting for Dragon Con, cleaning on Sunday.   My life is too much fun!


I haven’t posted in a week.  I have nothing to post about really.  Hmmmm, it was an extremely uneventful week. 

I took the day before the holiday as a “work from home” day.  I stayed in my pajamas all day.  The holiday arrived hot and muggy.  Go figure, it is the south after all.  We got to see fireworks and a good time was had by all.  The big shocker was that my son preferred staying at our neighbor’s birthday party on the fourth rather than going and hanging out with his buddies.  I was really surprised.  Maybe the birthday boy was feeding him Miller Lite.  (He wasn’t, he just let him light fireworks off the tiki torches).

Saturday was a bust.  I woke up and was supposed to entertain some friends that night, but felt shitty so i bailed on them.  After dropping off son at his dad’s for the night, I went home and never left again until it was time to pick son up the next day.  

Then it was back to work on Monday.  I tell you, my life is too exciting!  My coworker and I went to the DMV across from Turner Field yesterday.  I thought that might supply some good blog fodder.  Nothing.  We were in and out in under an hour.  I couldn’t believe it actually.  I thought for sure it would take longer.  It is the DMV after all. 

Oh well.  Maybe more will happen the rest of the week.  Something fun and exciting, not gross and weird. 

I think I will close with a good shot of my son from the beach last month.  He actually looks like he is having a good time.  If only that had been the truth!



Today is my birthday.  44 years ago today I came into this world.  Wow. 

This was my most wonderful gift, from my most wonderful mom:


Isn’t it beautiful?  For those of you who do not cook, I know, not your idea of a great gift.  But me, I love to cook.  I don’t do it often, but I do like to.  My mother and I took a cooking class on how to braise.  This is the perfect pot.  I am thrilled.

I hope everyone has a fabulously fantastic day.