Geekgrl and the Angry Itch

Friday morning I woke up with an itch.  An itch that spread from my arms, to my legs and even a little on my chest.  It was an angry itch that wanted to be scratched.  So, after getting ready for work, I popped a couple of Benadryl and promptly slept the entire drive into the office.  And I was driving!  Okay, it is more like zoning than sleeping.   Four hours later I popped more Benadryl and called the doctor.  The angry itch was not going away.

Got an afternoon appointment and showed up 20 minutes early, hoping that they would call me back sooner rather than later.  It was later, to the tune of 30 minutes past my appt. time.   No biggie.  The nurse called me back, I went and the exam began.  The nurse took my info, weighed me, etc.  The doctor looked at my rash and said it looked like poison ivy.  I don’t do yard work, nor do I get poison ivy.  Ever.  She told me that everyone gets poison ivy if they are exposed to enough of it.  I don’t buy it.  Anyway, she had to bring her colleague in to look at my skin weirdness.  He spat forth some medical lingo, that I totally did not understand.  “You have blahblahblahblah blah”.  AKA – Hives.  No one knows why, or what I am allergic to, but, here’s a shot in the ass of steroids and a nice little steroid pack of pills for the weekend.  Yay me!  The doctor asked me if I had been on prednisone before, which I had, and when I told her that she was all “Good, so you know you won’t kill your child”.  I hate steroids.   

So, the weekend was an itchy one.  Each day better than the day before, thank the gods!  So, there you have it,  another strange illness.   

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, staff meeting for Dragon Con, cleaning on Sunday.   My life is too much fun!



  1. noble pig Said:

    Oh yikes…like the new look too…glad the itchiness is over!

  2. naomi Said:

    a few years ago i got a rash condition that is actually most common in young children. i itched from the top of my head to the tips of my toes…literally. the only place where the rash did not break out was on my face (thank heavens!) the horrible thing about the rash thing was that it could last from 2 weeks to a year. luckily for me it was only 3 weeks. the only treatment for it was hydrocortisone cream and oatmeal baths. i’ve never been so aware of all my body at once before and i never want to again.

  3. Carole Said:

    Glad to hear the itchiness is going away! Seems like hives are fairly common, but I’ve never had them myself. Hope it all eventually clears up!

  4. What about the things stinging you the other day?

  5. geekgrl64 Said:

    The docs didn’t think it was the yellow jackets since it had been so long since their vicious attack.

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