Technology Jones

So I was flipping channels the other evening looking for something to watch.  All my dvr shows had already been viewed and nothing was waiting.  As I looked through the channel guide, I saw a show on the Mojo channel (I have no idea) called “Technology Jones”. 

Apparently the premise of the show is that all your technology is taken from you for a week and replaced with technology from another year.  Last night’s show featured a family who lived in Bronxville, NY.  He worked in the city as an interior designer, I am guessing that mom was a SAHM, but they had 2 nannies (for 3 kids).  This family had a ton of technology.  Numerous cellphones, video baby monitors, laptops, dvd players and the ultimate to get around, a segway.  Dad used the segway to get around when working in the city. 

So, they replaced all the technology of today with technology from 1983.  No digital cameras, they got a point and shoot Polaroid.  Rather than their sleek awesome cell phone, they got a bag phone from 1983.  They replaced the laptop with a 286.  It was so funny.  They let the mom keep her swanky SUV for the safety of the children.  At the end of the week they were graded.  Apparently dad had stashed a dvd player before they took all the technology, so because he cheated, they got a grade of a Junior High School Science Fair Project.   It was definitely entertaining.  

What would you do without your technology?



  1. noble pig Said:

    Ha, I would die if that happened here!

  2. naomi Said:

    i’d listen to the radio,do crosswords (i do them anyway), i might even do some housework. i’d still have to go to work where things are done the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. i don’t answer the phone anyway, so whether it’s a plug in the wall type or a wireless, it doesn’t matter. i’d still not answer it. one thing i wouldn’t be able to give up is modern day drugs. they’re sort of necessary to my life.

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