Where did the weekend go?

Wow, Monday already!  Friday at work a friend told me that she and her husband were heading over to my neck of the woods for a free concert in the city square.  I figured since it was so close, why not join them, right?  My neighbor and I had talked about getting together Friday night, so I messaged her and asked if she and her husband wanted to hit the square for some Jimmy Buffett cover band goodness.  They were in!

I made my son go with (he was not thrilled) and we sat in our little chairs with our coolers full of beer and Powerade (that’s what mine was filled with) and enjoyed a beautiful evening out.  Thank the gods it was not a scorcher or horrifically humid!

Saturday dawned bright and early.  I was up and dressed by 8am, as a friend was swinging by to pick up an Xbox game for a roadtrip.  Her son and my son, they make the best plans don’t they?  So, she finally showed up.  I didn’t invite her in because 1) I knew she was in a hurry, and 2) I didn’t want the girls to kill her with kindness.  She has bichons at home, I have small horses. 

After she left, I took myself to see “The Dark Knight”.  Son had already seen it with his dad and he wasn’t willing to sit for another showing.  It clocks at 2:25.  That was the time from the beginning of the movie until the first end credit started to roll.   I liked it so very much.  So much so that I am gonna go see it again with some friends when they go check it out.

I got home around 1pm and then lounged around procrstinating all that I needed to do.  The store was really a priority as I had a BBQ to attend Sunday and I needed to get the groceries for the recipe I was making.  I went to the one store in town I was sure would have all the ingredients I needed.  They didn’t have everything I needed, so I had to stop at Publix on the way home and get the last few items.  Irritating! 

That evening son and I were scheduled to visit some friends and get in some type of gaming.  We actually ended up creating characters for a Call of Cthulhu campaign.  Son played Half Life on the PS3, he doesn’t do the RPG thing with paper and pencil, just the MMORPGs.  So, I am super excited about the Cthulhu game.  My friend J is the best GM and when he runs Cthulhu, all the better!  So, we are all set to game every other Friday or Saturday starting August 9.  Yay!

Onto Sunday!  The BBQ.  Ohmygods, the food!  There were 6 of us there.  We all chipped in some cash to one of the couples, as they had a deal on getting the meat for the grill.  9 racks of baby back ribs and three whole chickens.  There were appetizers of the meat kind as well.  Really yummy hot dogs and the most divine brisket I have ever eaten.  I had brisket in Texas and this brisket put the Texas to shame.  There were sides too!  I brought this:

 Thanks so much to The Pioneer Woman for the recipe. It was a huge hit!  She lists it as her favorite salad ever and I have to agree.  Although, if you aren’t feeding alot of folks, you may want to cut the recipe down.  I did not cut the recipe down and there was enough left over for everyone to take some home.  Actually, there was enough of everything left over for everyone to take a little something home!

We had a great time!  We broke out Rock Band and played that for a bit.  Actually, they were still playing when I had to leave.

Here was our venue:

Ahhh, the great outdoors.  Overall it was a great weekend.  Busy, but great.  It was full of fun and great friends. 

How was your weekend?



  1. naomi Said:

    on saturday i went shopping, on sunday i worked for 12 hours. today i sat around and let my brain atrophy. i love days off.

  2. noble pig Said:

    My weekend disappeared too but because I don’t go to an office the weekend doesn’t really exist to me.

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