Say It Ain’t So

I was surfing and catching up on reading blogs this evening and Wil Wheaton had posted. I love Wil’s blog and I love Wil. Anyway, Wil has posted about his first time seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show. I thought, “Wow, what a great story.” and it made me think about my first time seeing it. Many, many years ago.

Long story short, here is the horror ending of his post:

MTV is remaking Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The horror! Go here and sign the petition online (even tho they mean nada) it’ll make you feel better.



  1. noble pig Said:

    I will go read it!

  2. Carole Said:

    I was going to say I can’t understand why people do this, but I do – it’s for the money. They figure it was wildly popular once, just remake it again and there’s a certain percentage of people that will come just to see the how they redid it. It’s so stupid. I couldn’t believe when they remade Miracle on 42nd Street. And now this. What’s next? A remake of Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Gone With the Wind? Puh-leeze.

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