So my son tells me yesterday that his bathroom is not working and can he please use mine. Ugh. I hate having to share a bathroom. Anyway, I thought it wouldn’t flush, but here’s the weird thing. You flush it and the tank empties, but the bowl doesn’t empty. So I asked him if he put anything other than toilet paper in there and he said no. I asked him repeatedly, and each time the answer was no.

Today we get back home from birthday lunch for my sister. He immediately goes to my bathroom. I decide to investigate his toilet problems further. I took the top off the tank and opened the bowl and watched it. There is a piece of paper floating in the bowl and I notice that the paper is much larger than your average sheet of toilet paper. He comes out of my room and I ask him about the paper in the toilet and the fact that it looks remarkably like papertowel. He looked as if I had spoken to him in a foreign language.

“Did you put papertowels in the toilet?”, I inquired.
“Uh, no”, he answered.

Again I mention the size of the paper in the toilet is not the correct size for toilet paper.

“Oh yeah, I did once. I had this nose bleed and I used a bunch of papertowels and then threw them in the toilet”.

You would think that he might have some sense in that awesomely smart head of his, but I am quickly learning this is not the case. Off to H*me D*pot for some toilet supplies…..


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  1. noble pig Said:

    Ha! Hey why admit it until you get caught!

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