Vision anyone?

Due to my con crud 2 weeks ago, I missed out on several days of work.  One of the days I had actually made it into the office in order to infect them all with my crud because I felt bad about missing work.  I ended up leaving early that day.  Well, I wear glasses and since it was sunny out and the light burns us, I took off my glasses and put them in my pants pocket.  They must have fallen out, because they are totally lost, nowhere to be found.

Luckily, I can see pretty well without the glasses, but after 2 days of not finding them, I called the eye doctor.  I needed them to give me a copy of my prescription so I could replace the glasses.

When I called and asked the receptionist for the prescription and could I send someone to pick it up, she started giving me grief about the age of the ‘script.  Apparently I had not been to the eye doctor sine 2006.  September 13, 2006 to be exact.  Even though it was old, I asked for it anyway.  I didn’t realize it was that aged.

After thinking about it a few days, I decided to not get the script filled and I would go ahead and go see the doctor.  That was yesterday.  No dilation, had to work.  So, the tech checked me out, measured my eyes, etc.  All the stuff that is done for a visit.  The tech told me there was some change to my eyes, but not much.  But change. 

 2 years ago when I went to see him he told me that the next visit I made to the office, we would be looking at putting me in bifocals.  “This will be your last visit for just distance”. 

So, then the doctor comes in and checks me, everything looks good, no problems.   The doctor starts to write the ‘script and says “This will be your last visit for just distance.  Next year we will get you in bifocals”.  I looked at him and reminded him that that was what he had said last year.  He told me to remind him next year.

I decided to get my glasses there.  After trying on frames for about 10 minutes, I picked a cute pair of Donna Karan.   I sat down with the eye center employee and she was talking about the discount with insurance, blah, blah, blah  I asked her about my prescription.  I then looked at the prescription that the doctor had given me and the paper that the woman had pulled from last year’s purchase.  My eyes have not changed much in two years.  It was the exact same prescription.


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