I live in the suburbs of Atlanta.  I have heard lately that we are paying more here than other areas when it comes to the gas pump.  I have not checked this information, just that I have heard it from several different people.  That I don’t know.  Okay, I eavesdropped on a woman at the deli counter.  She said that her family in the FLA panhandle are paying less that we pay. 

Being the procrastinator that I am, I have put off getting gas for my mower for several weeks.   My grass is consuming the yard.  My dogs are having trouble running through it it is so tall.  Yesterday afternoon I told the boy that he had to go and cut the yard.  While he cut, I went to the gas station to fill up the gas can.   At the fifth station I tried, the line was so long that I decided to drive a little further down the road and see if Wally World had any gas.  I was hoping against hope that they would be able to fill me up.  There was a price on the sign.  Good, good.  As I turned into the station, I noticed that all teh pumps had plastic bags over them.  I stopped to ask a gentleman about the gas situation at this station.  He told me that the clerk had told everyone that there was a truck on the way, and she thought it should be there in the next two hours, or maybe even shorter.  I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that I would wait with the masses.  I was actually lucky.  I parked my car at the only available pump. 

So we waited.  Me and all the other folk.  I went to get a drink.  The clerk asked me if I was waiting in line for gas.  I told her that I was waiting, but I was at a pump.  She then told me that the information about our gas truck had changed.  That it was coming from Alabama and she had no idea when it would be here and she was just trying to let people know.  On the way back to my car, I shared the information with a gentleman, who got a little upset.   Then he looked over to the traffic coming up the drive and he said “There’s the truck”.  Sure enough, there was everyone’s favorite truck in the whole state.  The clerk chick was getting muy stressed and trying to manage the lines of cars.  People were coming in every available entrance, creating a huge clusterfark.  But I was at a pump, so I could have cared. 

So, it only took me 5 stations and 2 hours before I found gas.  Not only did I fill up the car, I got a gas can full for my mower.  Yay! 

Hope everyone is faring better than us folk here in the South when it comes to gasoline!



  1. noble pig Said:

    Um why is there not gas there? From the hurricane? I haven’t heard of a problem there, that just sucks.

  2. naomi Said:

    for the first time in months we’ve managed to get the price of gas down below $1.30/litre. it’s nuts. just before the long weekend the price went to over $1.40, a jump of 11 cents. then after the long weekend it dropped, went up and then dropped again by 15 cents. it’s nts.

  3. geekgrl64 Said:

    We don’t have gasa here because of the refineries that are still down. We also apparently have a “special blend” of gas for low emissions in the Metro Atlanta area. The EPA has released the state from having to use the special blend and gas with more sulfur (apparently that is the ingredient that is not emmissions friendly)will be distributed to all the gas stations in the area. This should alleviate some of the crunch.

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