You don’t have a boring personality

Last Thursday night, say around 8 in the evening, I noticed that my throat was kind of sore when I swallowed.  I chalked it up to allergies and really thought nothing more about it. 

Friday I got up and began the morning ritual.  I also noticed that my throat not only still hurt, but it felt worse than it had before.  So, I took a gander into the back of my throat.  What I saw back there scared me!  There was something definitely growing and it was not a friendly life form.  Also, my tonsil (only one was affected at the time) was HUGE!  Well, maybe not huge, but defintiely abnormally large.  I went to work anyway, because other than the sore throat, I felt pretty good.  Even had made plans with my honey for that evening. 

Work ended and I left for the weekend.  I did call teh doctor before leaving and discovered that the office is open on Saturdays, no appointment, walk in only.  They opened at 9, so I figured if I got there when they opened I wouldn’t have to wait forever.  Well, the organism growing got the best of me and I was feeling relatively puny by the time I met my man.  And it was only 6pm.  😦  We did a whole bunch of nothing and pretending that he was concerned, he sent me on my unmerry way.  This was after he looked at teh alien in the back of my throat.   I went home and collapsed.  By then I had started to feel quite bad. 

Saturday morning I still was gross and my throat was so inflamed and swollen it was torture.  I made it to the doctor’s office right as they opened.  There were only a few people in front of me, and once they started calling patients in, I didn’t have to sit and wait long. 

The triage nurse called my name and the first thing we did was weigh.  Gross, I know.  But hey, I have lost 9 lbs. since July!  That was exciting news.  So, the nurse and I were chatting about WW and other weight loss systems while she got my vitals.  She looked in my throat and I told her what my honey had asked me that morning – “Did the alien in your throat hatch?”.  She really thought that was too funny, which I guess it was mildly amusing.  From her triage room she took me to the exam room and proceeded with more questions and  a strep test.  (I passed, btw).  So, in our conversation I said something funny again, which prompted the question “What do you do for a living? ”  To which I replied “IT”. 

“Wow, you don’t have a boring personality at all”.




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