Break In at Dragon Con

I promised live posting and I wasn’t able to.  No free wifi.  😦  I refused to pay.  But on the way to work this morning, I remembered that I didn’t post about the almost theft my buddies and I were victims of.

I booked my room at the H*lton here in town, as it was one of the host hotels.  I also couldn’t get a room in any of the others.  In fact, as of this writing, all the hotels are booked for next year already.

Anyway, we left out of the room at about 10:45p Friday night.  We went walking around the con areas and did some people watching.  Lots of fun, lots of folks to look, and lots of costumes.  After a little bit, we decided to go back to the room.  It was about 12:20a.  The room that I was given was the last room at the end of a long hall, right by the exit stairs.  When we turned the corner to walk down hall, I noticed that there was a security guard in front of our room.  I looked at my friends and said something about it to them.  While I was turned away to tell them to take notice, they saw him write something down. 

We passed him in the hallway and exchanged pleasantries, but nothing else was said.  I had already lost my key to the room by this time, so my friend T whipped out her key and went to open the door, but it was already open.  WTF??

We cautiously entered the room and it appeared that everything was the way we had left it, nothing had been taken.  Now, when we left the room, we made sure to close the door all the way.  The strange thing about the door being open was that it was propped open with the privacy deadbolt.  I called security and reported the door being open and would they please send someone to take a report.  The night security manager and a guard showed up pretty quickly and I gave my statement.  I told them about the door being propped open with the security deadbolt and that now, it did not work at all.  I asked the manager if any key is able to deploy the deadbolt like it was and he stated that it would not work that way with guest keys.  You had to have a special key to deploy the deadbolt in that fashion.  He told me that they would gladly move us to another room since it was CREEPY that we had been violated in that way (been there done that with a home break in), and that they would do a lock interrogation on the room and see who had entered the room.  I also asked another security guard at another hotel about the privacy deadbolt issue and he told me that same thing.  A regular guest room key would not be able to deploy the deadbolt to prop open the door.

In all, the reporting and response from the security at the hotel was excellent.  They gave me copies of all incident reports and names of all the people that I dealt with.  The night shift manager called the next evening to inform me that no one other than guests accessed our room.  I find that hard to believe.  Even after they verified for me that the guest room key could not deploy the deadbolt. 

I have written a letter to the corporation detailing my experience.  I don’t expect any compensation, I am just glad that none of our cameras, laptops and other stuff got taken.  I will say this though, never will I stay at the H*lton ever again.


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