14 years ago tonight…

I was in labor with my son. I was into hour 11 of labor and was having contractions pretty close together. The doctor came in and checked me. He looked at me and told me that we would be having a baby soon. I did not feel like that would be the case. You see, my grandfather was going to make me wait and I told my OB exactly that.

I had found out earlier, while still relatively lucid, that my paternal grandfather’s birthday was November 2. So, when the doctor told me at 10 pm that I would be having a baby soon, I just knew that my grandpa was going to have a say in it. Even though he has been dead since the 1970’s, I knew that he would have some sort of control over the time of son’s birth.

My son was born at midnight straight up. That made his birthday November 2. The same as my grandpa’s.

Ah, the cosmic events in life.


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  1. noble pig Said:

    Happy Birthday!

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