The election is upon us.  After what seems years of unending campaigns and listening to all the parties and their stands, it is time to make your choice. 

I don’t care who you vote for.  Just get out and vote.  It is your right to vote and have your voice heard.  I know who I support and I am excited about the possible change for these United States. 

For more information regarding last minute information about your registration, where to vote, etc, visit this site.

Have a healthy and happy Monday.  And remember…..VOTE!!!!!!


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  1. naomi Said:

    seems like years?

    it has been years. i don’t know how you ‘mercans manage with all that politicking throughout the primaries, then the actual election campaign, not counting the other campaigns that are run along side it.

    40 days was enough for noah, it’s enough for canadian campaigning.

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