Back in June, my coworker told me that a friend of hers had found 2 kittens. I told her that if she couldn’t find a home for them, that I would take them. I also let her know that I have two large dogs. I would keep the babies separate from the dogs, but if she found a home for them, all the better.

No home found. Just mine. I was so excited. I met my friend’s friend and she gave me the kitties. When I got home with them the girls were VERY interested in them. Of course. What kind of dogs would they be if they didn’t get worked up over the new smells coming from the case I was carrying into the house?

So, for the last 4 months, the kitties have lived in my 3rd bedroom. Outside the room time every day while the dogs were outside. This became very old and unfair to the fast growing kitties. I had also gotten tired of being asked by my mom and neighbors if I had introduced dogs and cats yet. The answer continued to be no.

So at the end of September I had had enough and decided that the day for integration had come. To say that it went smoothly is a total understatement. The girls could have cared less about the cats. The dogs are not sure of the cats, but haven’t been aggressive at all towards the kitties. Yay!


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