Party Aftermath

So I had a NYE party. Actually I have had this party for the past 4 years and it has become quite a fun time. I mean, I stress beforehand, but then we all have a blast. This year was no different.

I made it BYOB and I provided all the food. One friend said I was crazy and I should have asked people to bring stuff, but I was confident that I was getting off cheap by not providing the alcohol.

I provided peppered turkey breast, sliced with an assortment of condiments and rolls, a veggie tray with sundried tomato dip (mmmm), and a couple of different flavors of chips. My neighbor brought awesome little crabcakes and a spinach dip. I bought myself a 12 pack of Newcastle, and I also had a community cooler that everyone used to store their alcohol.   I went to a beer swap a few weeks ago and brought home a 12 pack variety and put that in the cooler as well for anyone who may have not brought anything for themselves.  I also put in 2 bottles of champagne.

I counted up the left over alcohol.  I have 33 beers anad a bottle of champagne left.  Time for another party I think.  🙂

I hope everyone is having a grand new year so far!


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