Home Baked Goods

Here in the Atlanta area we are getting quite chilly, so  it was a definite weekend to stay in.  Well, except for Saturday evening.  We (son and I) had a dinner invite over to the parental/grandparental units house.  How could I say no to free dinner?  Other than that one venture out, son and I stayed holed up all weekend.  And what better activity to participate in other than….baking?

We had no bread in the house, so I decided that rather than buy bread, I would just bake it myself.  Did I mention I am was terribly intimidated by the whole bread baking process.  My parents have been baking bread for years, but I never participated.  Once my mom got her bread machine, the home baked bread was abundant.  I decided that in order to bake my own bread I would need a bread machine.  So, I bought a bread machine.  I have used it twice, both times with underwhelming results.  That was several years ago.

At Thanksgiving I successfully baked some knotted yeast rolls:


Egg Washed and ready for the oven!


Ready to eat!

So, I was feeling a little less fearful of baking with yeast, but not totally.  Then, the dinner invite and an email with this site led to a few wasted hours, but resulted in my baking these and bringing them to the dinner:


Other than forgetting to egg wash them before I cut them and stuffed them with garlic butter, this is what they looked like right before I remembered the egg wash 🙂  then it was into the oven!


And this is what the finished rolls looked like.  I baked 12, son and I ate 2 before we went my parents.  I took the 10 that were left with us and brought home 5.  Sunday we had one left.  They were pretty tasty.  The only thing I would change would be to use salted butter, instead of unsalted in the garlic butter.

Sunday got here and I decided that this was the day to make the bread.  I found a recipe for Honey Whole Wheat bread here which makes 2 loaves.  I did not use the bread maker, I used my KitchenAid stand mixer.  Here are some pics of the process:


This is after rising for one hour.  It was massive, but it did make 2 loaves.


Not the prettiest loaf, but it worked.  I used a clear glass pan for the other loaf, same size.


The final product.  Pretty tasty.  Looking forward to toast!

Have a great week everyone!  And if you are in a cold part of the US, stay warm!!


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