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8 Days Later

So last Sunday evening, December 6th, my father had a sudden cardiac arrest.  Today when I left the hospital, he was in his hospital room, glasses on, newspaper in hand.  If you ask him how he feels, his answer is always the same –  “Shitty”.  I think I would feel shitty too if my heart stopped and I had to be shocked 5 times.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.  He is totally on the mend and I am so happy to still have my dad around.



He was fine at 2:00pm when I saw him.  I never just hang around at my parent’s house for no reason.  I did today.  Looking back, right at this moment, I regret that I didn’t hug him good bye when I left a couple of hours later. 

My mom called me from her cell phone at 6:15 tonight.  I knew immediately that something was not okay and when I answered “What’s wrong?” I heard my mom just say the words “Your father, somethings wrong, a stroke or a heartattack.  I just don’t know.  The ambulance is here.  They’re working on him.  Can you come now?  Come now!”

There is no other awful image I would wish on anyone than seeing the man who raised you, the smartest man you know and love with all your heart get shocked.  I got to see times 4 and 5.  My mother had to experience all 5. 

If you are the praying kind.  Even if you aren’t the praying kind, but think that some good thoughts would go a LONG way, please send them.  He needs all the help he can get.

5% FTW…Again!

Okay, I joined WW back in August.  Finally disgusted with myself and how I feel I decided to join and stick with it this time.  I made my 5% loss relatively quickly, but shortly thereafter fell hard off that wagon.  I fell into a rut and had a hard time climbing back out.  When I went back to a meeting, I had gained 6 of my 13 lost back.  Then the next week I had gained 2 more!  Ack.  Somewhere in those floundering weeks, I kind of got back on the wagon and on weigh in day, I had lost 2, then the next week 4.  I was a happy camper.  Wednesday night I went to weigh in and I had dropped 4 lbs!  And over a holiday!  Woohoo!!  So, here I am.  14 lbs lighter than I started back in August and feeling pretty damn skippy about it.

Weekly photos to come beginning next week.  I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

Happy crappy hump day

So my day started off with one of the dogs horking at 5am.  Oh joy.  😦  Then, neither my son or I remembered to make his lunch for school and neither of us had any money to buy lunch.  That was okay, I had to run back to the house before I went into work, no big deal.  It’s raining here today, so I had left the dogs inside and barricaded in the kitchen.  I thought we had removed everything from doggy reach.  Wrong.  They decided to rip open a bag of cornmeal and it was scattered all over the kitchen floor.  Erghhhh.  So, I cleaned that up, threw their asses outside.  Rain or no rain, I just didn’t care.  I finally got to the office at 9:30.  I am spent.

I hope your hump day is better than mine.  It has to get better, right?

One of my most embarassing moments

I work a local science fiction/fantasy convention here in Atlanta.  A couple of years ago, the person that I work for was driven crazy by a couple of people that worked for us.  He plainly told me that he did not want them working for us again.

So after the convention ended and we were into January of the following year, he posted on our yahoo group asking who was planning on being on staff with us for the year.  I forgot that when one replied on the group, it went out to all members of the group.  I posted about the couple in question and stated that he did not want them working and did he not remember stating that.  As soon as I hit the send button,  I got an email.  From me.  Of the post that I had just put out.  I immediately felt sick, and hot, and awful.  I tried to retrieve it, but was not able to.  It went out to the entire group, including the couple who I had been told he did not want working.

I had to totally backpedal and immediately email the woman and tell her I meant someone else and not them.  It was awful, she probably knew I was lying, but played along.