Happy crappy hump day

So my day started off with one of the dogs horking at 5am.  Oh joy.  😦  Then, neither my son or I remembered to make his lunch for school and neither of us had any money to buy lunch.  That was okay, I had to run back to the house before I went into work, no big deal.  It’s raining here today, so I had left the dogs inside and barricaded in the kitchen.  I thought we had removed everything from doggy reach.  Wrong.  They decided to rip open a bag of cornmeal and it was scattered all over the kitchen floor.  Erghhhh.  So, I cleaned that up, threw their asses outside.  Rain or no rain, I just didn’t care.  I finally got to the office at 9:30.  I am spent.

I hope your hump day is better than mine.  It has to get better, right?


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