5% FTW…Again!

Okay, I joined WW back in August.  Finally disgusted with myself and how I feel I decided to join and stick with it this time.  I made my 5% loss relatively quickly, but shortly thereafter fell hard off that wagon.  I fell into a rut and had a hard time climbing back out.  When I went back to a meeting, I had gained 6 of my 13 lost back.  Then the next week I had gained 2 more!  Ack.  Somewhere in those floundering weeks, I kind of got back on the wagon and on weigh in day, I had lost 2, then the next week 4.  I was a happy camper.  Wednesday night I went to weigh in and I had dropped 4 lbs!  And over a holiday!  Woohoo!!  So, here I am.  14 lbs lighter than I started back in August and feeling pretty damn skippy about it.

Weekly photos to come beginning next week.  I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!


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