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Wow. I have been a bad blog person. I was never great at it, but wow, the last post was from December. 😦 How about an update?

My father was in the hospital for weeks. After he came off the life support, he remained in CCU for about 2 weeks. One night while my mom and I were visiting him, he noticed that he only had one compression anklet on. The one on his right leg had not been put back on. So we called his nurse and asked her why it had not been placed back on. Thank God for the nurse. She told us that she had noticed that his leg was swollen and warm to the touch. This apparently is indicative of a deep vein thrombosis. In case it was a DVT, she didn’t want to put the compression thing back on because she didn’t want it to possibly cause the clot to move. My dad was also supposed to be getting a defibrillator implanted. The possibility of the blood clot really threw a wrench into the plan. He had an MRI the next day and sure enough, there was a clot. Not only was there a clot, it was the mother of all clots. It went from his knee, all the way up to his groin. No defibrillator until the clot is being managed. So, he was started on Coumadin to thin the clot. A few days after the clot was discovered, he was moved to a general admission floor of the hospital. Once he had been on the Coumadin for a few days, and some medication issues, he had the defibrillator implanted. On December 31 he was moved to a nursing home on and he stayed there for 2 weeks. So, home a few weeks into 2010.

In March he went back to work at the college he had been teaching when he arrested. He started off just tutoring, but now he is back to teaching a class and has picked up another one for a teacher who is taking a leave. 4 months and he is back. A little crankier, sometimes unsteady on his feet and he tires easily, but my dad is still here and for that, I am thankful and thoroughly amazed.

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers.