High School


Well, my baby boy started high school today.  Wow, I can’t believe that he is there already!  It seems like just yesterday I was taking him to his first day at preschool.  Back then he screamed and cried when I left him.  This morning he couldn’t get out of the car fast enough when I dropped him off. 

Ahhh, adolescence.  He is pushing me away, but at the same time, I think he still wants me around.  Not that he would ever admit to it.   I just hope he has a great high school experience and keeps to the straight and narrow.  I can only hope!  I know what I was like at this age!



Why can you not do what I ask when I ask you to do it?  Simple chores.  The time you spend arguing with me is the time you could be using to do what I have asked you to do.

Teenagers.  Erghhhh

2 Day Detox

So, recently I have been checking out some cleanses and detoxes. So, I decided to start off with the small, 2 day detox.   My mom and I had been at Whole Foods one day and I bought a bottle of juice from Arden’s Garden.   My mom was checking out the label and noticed that they have a detox\cleanse, so I checked it out here.  Yesterday I went to Whole Foods and I bought 2 gallons of the premixed fruit juices. 

I started this morning.  Not too bad.  I also weighed before I started, so I will weigh Wednesday morning and see if there is any change.  I am hoping for a little more energy and any weight that wants to leave certainly can!  A 10 day cleanse is in my near future…

Davelanta 3


So last night I headed out to the Perimeter to meet up with Dave2 and a group of Atlanta area bloggers and folks who read blogs. What a great time I had! I met a great group of folks. I didn’t get everyone’s addresses, but I do believe that Dave will have that information.  I had a blast and look forward to getting a chance to meet up again!

Well, it always seems to happen in threes….

What a strange week. First Ed, then Farrah, and now shockingly, Michael.

I hear Cronkite is not well…


I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who sent good thoughts for my mom. Turns out all is well, the “mass” is a gallstone and should be easily remedied.

You all rock!

Send out the good vibes

I know no tmany folks read here, if any. But, I am asking for good vibes be sent out to the universe for my mom, Maurine. The doctors found a mass on her kidney. CT scan tomorrow to determine what it is and what is going on with it. Just send benign thoughts.

Please, let it be benign.

What the ??

My backyard March 01

My backyard March 01

I live in Powder Springs, Georgia and it has been snowing ALL DAY.  Son is hoping for no school.  I think he may get his wish…

20+ years gone in an afternoon. Unfortunately, it was long overdue.

Animal Rescue Site

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